Joint Agency Car Fire Drill.
By Ex-Captain Christian Garcia
October 23, 2021

On Tuesday October 19th, the members of Volunteer Engine & Hose Company No.3 participated in a training evolution for motor vehicle fires, this training evolution was hosted by the Town of Mamaroneck Fire Department, our neighboring agency. The focus and purpose for the drill was for members of the company to build upon their abilities and skills in the areas of establishing a positive water source, hose line advancement, effective radio communications, fite suppression and the potential hazards involving motor vehicle fires. 

This evolution of training also provided the opportunity for the members of both Departments to work collaboratively, as our agencies run a dual response to emergencies on Interstate 95. 

The Members of Volunteer Engine and Hose Company No.3 and the VMFD thank the Town of Mamaroneck Fire Department for providing us with this opportunity.

Units: Mamaroneck Village Car 2243, Engine 42 Mamaroneck Town FD