VMFD Life Saving Awards
By Lt. Lauren Keller
November 27, 2020

On Wednesday, November 18, 2020, we recognized and honored the efforts of members of the Village of Mamaroneck Fire Department and the direct result in saving the life of one of our residents.

On Friday, December 27th, 2019, at 21:18, The Village of Mamaroneck Fire Department was dispatched to a reported fire in an apartment on 112 Spruce St, a multiple occupancy dwelling. The VMPD arrived on the scene and was unable to identify the fire source. The command performed an extensive size up and found the source of the fire at 106 Spruce St. At that time, Ex-Captain Mike Yannuzzi and Ex-Captain Felix Hughes Jr. began to force entry into the apartment to conduct an initial search. As they forced their way into the vestibule, met with heavy smoke conditions, Firefighter Steve Stevens assisted Ex-Captain Yannuzzi with forcing the second door.

Once inside the apartment, under zero visibility conditions, high heat, and without the protection of a charged hose line, Ex-Captain Yannuzzi began the initial search of the fire apartment. Yannuzzi then announced that approximately 20 feet into the apartment that he had found a victim. Immediately, Ex-Captain Yannuzzi repositioned the severely burned and unconscious victim and handed him to Fire Fighter Stevens to begin removing him from the building. Once the victim was removed from the apartment Firefighter Stevens began providing medical treatment to the victim, acting as the paramedic. He performed ventilation and provided the victim with intravenous fluid until further medical assistance had arrived.

Congratulations to Ex-Captain Michael Yannuzzi and Firefighter Steve Stevens on receiving the Life Saving Award. Congratulations to Ex-Captain Felix Hughes Jr and Ex-Captain Keith McGlinchey who received a Department Commendation for contributing to the rescue of the resident.