Village of Mamaroneck Fire Department Response Procedure
By Ex-Captain Mark Ballantyne
March 14, 2020

Good Afternoon Fellow Residents and Friends,

We here at the VMFD wanted to reach out to our neighbors first and foremost to pass along good wishes that you and your loved ones are all safe and happy, and second to let everyone know about a few procedural changes you may see should a request for service for our department be received.

When on scene or prior to our arrival, you may be asked if there is anyone at your location currently under either "mandatory" or "voluntary" quarantine. If by chance this question has not been asked, we respectfully request that you advise us if anyone in your home or business currently fits this criteria.

Members of the Village of Mamaroneck Fire Department while using an abundance of caution will be utilizing "Social Distancing" when interacting with any individual(s) of the general public we come into contact with.

The members of the VMFD are also reminding everyone to control what is controllable and exercise the sound "effective" practice of washing your hands, and washing your hands often! Hand Sanitizer can be utilized ( minimum 60% alcohol content) but only as a means to get you to a point where you can effectively wash your hands.

Effective "Hand Washing" involves washing your hands for a minimum of 20 seconds with soap and warm water and then utilizing a paper towel to shut off the water and open the door!

The leadership and membership of the VMFD pride ourselves in our position in the community and recognize that we have a responsibility to those we serve. Rest assure, when a call for assistance is received, we will be there!

Together, we will navigate through this difficult time, and together as a community we will succeed!

Wishing everyone all the best!


The Chiefs, Officers, and Members of the Village of Mamaroneck Fire Department